Thursday, July 20, 2017

Spider on Steroids (SOS)

Sat July 15 I ran a route called Spider on Steroids in 20 hours. The route is ~50 miles long and has ~12,500 feet of elevation gain traveling over six mountain passes. Info for the route can be found here

I used topo map I used was Green trails Holden was no 113

River crossing at Little Giant trailhead.

This photo is just downriver from where I crossed. From the trailhead walked down to the river and bushwacked up stream to a gravel bar crossing there. The water was knee deep until one part where it came up to private parts for 10 ft until it went back to knee deep. I then bushwacked back downstream to the trail.

River to Little Giant pass.

Staying on the trail took careful looking in the beginning until I started up the hill. There was some blowdown  on the trail. I as able to work around everything. I think I am the first person to travel up this trail this season. I saw and will continue to follow animal track for quite awhile.

View as I travel up the hill.

Trail leads to snow patch in center of photo. I was able to work around it and was at Little Giant pass.

Warning post from last year's fire at Little Giant pass.

Little Giant pass to head of Napeequa valley. 

I keep a sharp eye on the gps track as following the trail off the pass was questionable at times. I think this is more animal track than people trail.

Valley I am traveling up.

The trail will vary between this and decent trail. For sections like this, your feet are on trail and the brush is brushing against your chest. My lower legs took a beating in places like this.

Nice waterfall in the valley.

Head of valley to High Pass

The climb up from the valley has a trail but is takes contraction to stay on it. It fades in and out at times. I think more animals travel on it than people. It is quite steep. Once you reach the top of the trail you will be in a hanging valley.

This is the view you will have looking up the valley you will be traveling. I was on snow for most of this. There were small patches of bare ground that I would see evidence of people travel.

Lake below point just before I reach High pass.

High pass in distance on left. Yes I am traveling across more snow. I am glad I had my ice axe.

High pass to Suiattle pass.

I am glad I had my ice axe for the small patches of snow I had to cross in the photo. Once I was done with the snow I had great trail to run on. It was nice to start making good time on good trails.

A left at Buck creek pass and more nice cruising to the PCT.

Buck mtn I think.

The PCT was a dream. It was so nice to travel on this well groomed trail.

Suiattle pass to Spider gap. 

This photo shows Cloudy pass in distance. I am glad for my ice axe crossing these little snow patches.

Nice valley to somewhere.

I am excited to see this view. Lyman lake and Spider gap in the distance. I have enough light to make it over the gap. Trail down to lake, around and to base of gap is a easy go. I saw many people camping and hiking around here.

Looking back on Lyman lakes to where I had come from.

Spider gap closer view now as I am almost there. I was able to travel on some rock and snow as I passed over the gap.

Spider gap to Little Giant trailhead. 

I was on snow half sliding my way down the snow field to dry ground.

View down valley I am traveling. The trail down this section was a little rough until I got  the valley floor. Once there I was on very good trail I could make good time on. I crossed through many streams on my way to Phelps creek trailhead. The road section was a bit long but I was glad that I did it at night as there was no vehicle traffic. 

This was a great trip and would recommend people with a sense of adventure to give it a go. Thank you Ras for posting it to UPWC. Thank you Heather for your slide show on it to entice me into running it. 

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