Friday, October 7, 2016

La Bohn Traverse

For the route look here

Last fall I went to a Ultra Pedestrian Wilderness Challenge 2015 wrap up party. At this event I signed up for the 2016 challenges. The PNW had a good snowfall this spring leaving snow to linger long into the summer months. With life, weather and trail conditions I was waiting for the right conditions before attempting these events. 

Everything fell into the moment I was waiting for in the end of Sep. My calendar was free, I was in shape from an event I had run one month earlier, the weather forecast showed clear skies and most important for me was that the trails were clear of snow. The day before I ran the WIndy peak loop. 

This route starts out at Snoquamie pass. I had spent the night in my car to get an early start. One thing about early starts, it is dark out. Well it took me a few minutes to find the correct trail. The trail I was looking for was not marked. I have hike this area a lot and knew it in the light. Once I was on it things were going well. You end up at red pond below Red mountain. 

While taking a break at Red pond I saw a hungry fellow waiting for a handout. He blends into the photo quite well. He is centered in the photo if you can find him.

From this point I work my way up and over Red pass. Note to others that do this route, there is a trail up to red pass from Red pond. I scrambled part way up the talus field to discover the trail. This will be a theme for me this trip. This section well well once on the trail to Red pass. Red pass, there is a trail, but not much of one getting down to the real trail.

This is the back side of Red pass. Yes there is a trail through there. Things go well from here for awhile. Once you get close to the river you will encounter three major blowdown areas. They have been flagged, so getting through in the light should be no problem.

This is the log bridge I crossed. The trail from Red pass is on the side you are looking at. 

The bridge is at the entrance to Goldmyer hot springs. I did not take the time to check them out. I would like to come back at another time to soak in them. I did this trip as a fastpack. Pictured is my kit for this adventure.

On the trail up the middle fork I saw these to items. The water coming out was not warm. I can not imagine anyone using either one.

Here are two photos from the bridge that I cross over the middle fork river.

Two photos from further up valley. I really enjoyed hiking up the middle fork trail. It was a bit long, but beautiful sites along the way.

Here is my left turn to Williams lake. 

From here I got to a point where I could see the lake and a route that hugged a cliff band on the right. I choose the right traveling up medows through tree bands to reach the boulder field. It was not the easiest route. It was a direct route to the boulder field. From there I checked in with my gps unit to make sure I was on track. This boulder field goes on for a while longer than I liked. I was getting tired from the adventure around WIndy peak I did the day before. I was following carins through this route. I know many people have traveled through here. How is one to know which route is the more efficient? Going the way I did I miss the mine that is by the lake. I would have liked to see it. I will come back and camp here some fall. 

Up on the way to La Bohn gap. 

Looking up at La Bohn gap. There is a trail up it once I found it once I was part way up. 

This is looking down into the valley I climbed up. It is a beautiful place to wake through. I loved the glacier carved granite slabs and the little lakes. 

This is looking back up at La Bohn gap that I pass over into the Necklace valley. I came down left of that upper snow patch and worked my way down through the boulder field. I am getting tired now. The trail from here out to the easy section is not the smoothest thing I have ever tread on. At dark I was very tired and through with the hardest section. I broke out my stove and made a hot meal. ThenI decided that the best thing would be to sleep for a bit. I had my pad and insulated bivy sack. It was very comfortable. I sleep for four house. Once I had enough sleep I work my way to the trail head. 

Here I am done. I was out there 23 hours. Five of them were spent cooking, eating and sleep at my rest stop. The break was worth it. I wanted to test out some of my systems for cooler temps. 

Well what do I do now? Walk back? I  am tired. There is a tent with people sleeping in it, there are a bunch of cars in the parking lot. I am going to push luck and see what happens. I nap in my bivy sack and wait. Once the guys in the tent wake, we chat and they agree to take me to the bus stop. I take three busses back to my house. Get a ride back to my car at Snoquamie pass and the adventure is complete. 

If you decide to take this adventure on, do it south bound for a easier time. It is worth the effort to see the sites along the way. Doing this second in a back to back adventure is a bit of a workout. 

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