Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wonderland Trail

I ran / hiked around Mt Rainier on the Wonderland trail from July 14 - July 16 for a total of 47.5 hours on the loop. The loop is about 93 miles long with around 22,000 ft of elevation gain. Living close to Mt Rainier, I see it every clear day I go to work. There is a national park that surrounds the mt. Some of my friends have completed the Wonderland trail. Hearing and reading of their adventures I knew I wanted to attain that goal for myself someday. There is a race I am getting ready for call Bigfoot. It is a 200 mile run by Mt St Helens. The Wonderland trail would simulate half of that run for me. This would be a good opportunity to test out some of my systems for the event. 

Little Tohma (left) and Tohma (Rainier)

Rambling along the trail in time I reach a meadow with a local resident. 

This is Mrs Marmont. They like to whistle a greeting to all that pass through the neighborhood. 

A comical thing happened in this area. I saw two juvenile marmots wrestling around like little boys. They were chasing and playing with each other. I stood back to watch the show they were putting on. I think mom was a little concerned as they were not paying attention to her whistle. Once they were aware of me walking up on them one of them ran toward me then turn around very quickly realizing the mistake. Their sibling ran into their home safely away from the stranger, me. 

There are lots of scenes like this on the Wonderland trail. 

 Inside shelter at Summerland

Outside shelter at Summerland

Working my way up to Panhandle gap. 

Three hikers enjoying the view near Panhandle gap. That is Little Tomah and Mt Rainier in background. 

Where I came from (Panhandle gap)

Where I am going (Ridge left of center)

Indian Bar in valley

Shelter at Indian Bar

The Mt showing herself

The Mt showing herself

Going up with avalanche lilies to help with the view

St Andrews lake with Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier from another angle. 

Carbon glacier

Looking out east from Sunrise on Thursday morning. 

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