Friday, November 2, 2012

Rhythm & Tempo

Rhythm &Tempo
1. This part will show what rhythm is.
Everyone thinks of a song.
I do the YMCA and see if the tempo of their song is faster ski poles up or slower ski poles down
My dance is rhythm
2. This part will show how different people ski at different rhythms.
Pick a partner and ski behind them and compare the rhythm of your skiing to theirs. Switch leaders and do again
Ski poles up if partners rhythm is faster, ski poles down if slower
Relationship of glide to Rhythm
1. This show the relationship of glide to rhythm
Ski normal rhythm
Ski faster rhythm using shorter glide
Ski slower rhythm using longer glide
2. Take this to a shallow hill to show how length of glide on terrain changes rhythm.
Ski a terrain change where going up a hill will speed up the rhythm.
Relationship of Power to Rhythm
1. Explain how adding or subtracting power as the terrain changes so you can hold the same rhythm
Go from flat to slight up adding power to hold rhythm while climbing.
Go from flat to down hill subtracting power to hold rhythm.
2. Now explain how now you have different gears you can use while going over varied terrain. 
Play with the power while skiing to vary the rhythm of your skiing.
 Relationship of Balance to Rhythm
This is where beginner skiers working toward intermediate needs to work. The ability for a skier to balance over each ski and place it down when you choose and coronate the polling timing of your choice makes a smooth rhythm. Always falling to the new ski makes a choppy rhythm.
Rhythm, Tempo and polling
In classic skiing your polls and skis will be at the same tempo creating rhythm and flow.
In skating using all poll timing except diagonal skate your polls will come forward as your ski lands on the snow. As your forearms point toward the snow you will transfer on to the new ski. This will create a rhythm between your polling and ski movement.

Why this matters
Your tempo will affect your breathing and heart rate. If you are racing you can use these ideas to keep you heart rate in the zone you wish. If you are touring for the day, you can use these ideas to keep your skis gliding along enjoying where you are at while still being able to talk.  

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